I would like to tell you a little bit about our experience with the compassionate man who is offering the kind of care that comes from the heart. Not only is he caring but he is very qualified in his medical knowledge. He also has the ability to motivate the person he is caring for. He will make a REAL difference in the care he offers.

Ruth - Columbia Station

Cynthia H

       I have been using Compassionate Friends Homecare for my 98 year old mother for 7 months. I am very happy with the service and care my mother is receiving. My mother lives with me, so I have first hand observations of her interaction with her home care aides. They are very well trained and professional, and totally dependable. They have empathy for my mother and her point in life. They are very patient and respectful of her wishes. They make her feel she is competent, loved and vital to our family. We are totally confident and comfortable having the aides in our home, and that is priceless and gives us piece of mind. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for in home care for a loved one.

Lori J.

My name is Lori James and we entrusted Dan Kopronica and his staff to care for our elderly father. in December of 2018. They lived up to the promised level of care. Dan was the first company we interviewed and immediately felt comfortable with him. Dan's company is not big so our father would not be just another number. We liked that his staff were all STNA's and the way he tried to get his staff to fit with the client. All the aides were so kind and caring and I enjoyed talking with them during my many visits. They were so respectful of our wishes and always asked if that is the way we wanted a situation handled. Can't say enough about Dan as a person & business owner. He is a great guy & treats people well! Would highly recommend!

     I used this business to provide 24/7 care for an elderly Aunt when she lost her mobility after a short hospital stay and rehab period. Although losing most of her mobility she still wanted to do her daily activities in her assisted living facility. Her care givers were wonderful and treated her as she was their family. They were there to assist her so that she could enjoy her final days as she wanted until the end. Her caregivers were responsible and reliable. The owner was always available by phone for concerns. The caregivers were always available when on shift to update and report health concerns as my Aunt's health declined. This is a small start up business at this writing, however the personal care my Aunt received was worth that trade-off. I contacted several of their previous clients prior to deciding, and their assessment was the same as mine, thus my decision for using this business. I was not disappointed, I highly recommend this business.

Compassionate Friends Homecare

December  2019
By brum

My father has received excellent care. He appreciates, and looks forward to them being with him daily. They take care of what he wants each day, but also look for other things to accomplish in his apartment that will be helpful. They keep busy while providing companionship. His health issues are monitored, and his caregiver gives us updates, makes us aware of their concerns in changes or declines in his abilities. The company has also given assistance with equipment that makes it easier for him to live independently in his own home. He has help 4 hours a day, they also set up medications, meals, etc. so he has less work and can better manage when they are not there. His caregivers definitely spoil him!

David J
04/16/2019     Dan and his staff went over and beyond in the care they provided my father in the last weeks of his life. The hands on care and consistent contact from Dan, filling in when an aide was going to be late, was something I don't think we would have seen from a larger organization. The aides are all state tested, which was important to my family in choosing them, and cared for my dad and our family as their name implies: compassionate friends. The night my dad passed, the STNA on duty, Tryntje, stayed with me until hospice came and gave me the support I needed. Dan also came to the house at 2am to provide support. If I could give them more than 5 stars I would. 


December 26, 2019
By Q300driver

I am a current client of this provider. Compassionate Friends Homecare provided us with a professionally licensed, vetted caregiver who has gone above and beyond to care for my husband, who has dementia and Stage 5 renal failure. She has become part of our family. This organization will go out of their way to match you up with the perfect caregiver. I'm very impressed with, and would highly recommend Compassionate Friends Homecare to anyone with care needs.